The 9 Worship Languages


Loving God with Mystery and Celebration

Enthusiasts are passionate about celebratory acts of worship as well as many of the more supernatural forms of faith.  We connect to God while singing in large worship gatherings and experience God on the precipice of excitement and awe.  We see God as the King of kings, and bow before Him when we are in His manifest presence.


Loving God in Privacy and Simplicity

Ascetics love solitude.  We connect to God in seclusion, austerity, discipline, simplicity, and deep commitment.  We experience God in the silence, and are passionate about practicing the discipline of listening to His voice.


Loving God through the Five Senses

People who connect to God through sensuous experiences are also described as sensates.  We are trying to connect to God through what we taste, touch, smell, hear, and see.  We connect to God in our day to day sensory experiences.


Loving God through Devotion and Quiet Passion

Contemplatives make their connection by lavishing love on Jesus. We are passionate about simple acts of devotion and see Jesus as our lover, or God as our loving Father.


Loving God in Nature

Naturalists will feel most connected to God in His “cathedral”, and are passionate about enjoying nature.  We are trying to sense God through what He has made, and we see Him as our creator.


Loving God through Ritual and Symbol

Traditionalists feel most connected to God while observing religious practices as a way to embody spiritual truths.  We see God in His religion, and desire a form of faith that has substance. 


Loving God with the Mind

When our intellectual minds are awakened, or when we understand something new about God, we make our connection with Him.  We desire the truth and see the Holy Spirit as our teacher.


Loving God through Confrontation

Activists are spiritually nourished through the battle and connect to God by getting things done.  We see God as a righteous King and desire to achieve justice on His behalf for the lost and broken.


Loving God by Loving Others

Caring for others is a prophetic activity, being concerned about others and giving yourself away to them is how we connect with God.  We see God in the broken and poor, and are passionate about bringing the Kingdom to them.

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